Google+ thoughts

I feel strange on this whole Google+ will destroy Facebook thing.

When I heard Google+ was in… let’s say “restricted testing”, I searched my friends/contacts for an invite and was pretty curious about it.

Since ..hum, yesterday, I wasn’t a big “active user” of social networks but I mean, I know my way around facebook and even though I don’t update my status, and “like” everything I see.. I spend quite a lot of time on it.

Twitter, meh. Tried it. I follow people and stuff but never really got on the wagon.

Before that, I’ve tried and used a couple, (smaller) ones but for a limited period of time. whether it was forums or networking sites… I have more -inactive- accounts on the web than ( I just waited 5minutes trying to think of a good thing to say but… you get the idea.. I created accounts on lots of sites)

Back to the subject,
I got my Google+ account and started to mess around. Found it quite awkward at first. I didn’t know where things were, what they meant, how to do this and that; I was completely lost. Didn’t give up though, and after a few hours spent on it, I started to resent Google. Not because I don’t like it. It seems really great and useful but I had the same feeling as when DVDs came out and realized my VHS collection would end up in the trash. Get what I’m saying?

I really have mixed emotions towards G+. Example; I think it will balance out the social “monopoly” that facebook had but at the same time… I love the fact that everyone is on facebook.

Remember when Myspace was the other big one? You’d be telling a friend “oh add me on facebook” and get the “I use myspace” response. how annoying.
Facebook is now a household name and is used by kids, teenagers, adults and elderly. How many facebook users will switch?
I find it absolutely normal and our best interest (I guess), to have more than 1 giant in the social industry and Google+ is the only website I saw/tried that would even qualify against FB.

But at the same time, it only complicates things doesn’t it?
..What do you think?
(lol. If I get a comment I will pop a champagne bottle.)

So yeah, just to round it up,
I like the features, the look, the feel (now that I understand a bit more what and where things are) I am curious about the announced “Brand pages” and how it will compare to “Facebook pages” so I will definitely stick around just to see the evolution and the popularity increase but I can’t say I WANT to switch or use both. It’s still pretty early to make a strong opinion about it, as they are still changing things due to all the feedback they receive so I’m gonna leave it to that.


  1. Nina says:

    Loved your post!! And I think you are right, this will most definitely complicate things if Google + becomes as important (or more) than facebook. It’s easy having one big social network because you know everyone is on it but if you add more web pages like this, w’ill look at facebook all the time for new updates and messages and then (after a few hours of surfing and stalking) we will go to Google + to do exactly the same thing. I mean… What’s the utility in having two big social network pages? One is enough, I think! Maybe Google + will be the new facebook but one thing I know is if it is, facebook will slowly disappear like MySpace.

  2. alexplesz says:

    [looks like I’ll be drinking champagne tonight]

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