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  1. Stacey says:

    Hi you’re setup was inspiration for ours.. We’re at the point of the ramp…? What did you use to get your turtle to climb up? And is it glued on? Thanks :D

    • alexplesz says:

      Hi Stacey!
      I’m happy to hear that!
      I used a plastic mesh canvas sheet that I found in the Crafts department of the dollar store. (normally for yarn art) You can also use some “Gutter guard”.

      As for the glue, I used aquarium grade silicone (just a few drops on each corner of the ramp.)
      But since my post, the silicone wore off and now I hold the mesh in place with small magnets. It’s also easier to clean the mesh that way since it is now removable.
      I would love to see your setup when you are done!
      Feel free to send me pictures or a link.

  2. Elouise says:

    it rained on me too when i was there, typical! ireland detfiinely made my list of top favorite places in the world. all of your pictures are making me want to board a plane asap!

  3. Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to action.

  4. www.21st says:

    “Some people want to build resource-oriented applications using Web Services technologies” For sure. So why not use SOAP RESTfully? WS-Transfer, despite having the right ideas about document-orientation, attempts to reinvent the Web rather than reuse it. It’s fighting uphill, when there’s a downhill option available.

  5. Team winning: Bass left, Bass right, Bass up the gut.Team losing: Cognac left, cognac right, cognac up the gut. Fall flat on your face and get carried home.Repeat next week.

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