I’m making a Turtle Dock

turtle basking
Turtle basking in a dangerous position

I’ve had a turtle for … 2 years I guess, in my office where I spend most of the day.
It’s a female Ouachita Map turtle. It was about 3inches long when I got it and was in a 20 gallon tank. A few weeks ago, I had to upgrade the tank because Contre-Indication (that’s the turtle’s name) is now about 9-10 inches from head to tail.

Since upgrading to a 90 gallon tank, I’ve watched a lot of videos about aquarium setups and DIY projects for decoration and accessories.

Long story short, I decided to take a couple of acrylic scraps from work and create an “over tank dock” for the turtle. That way, I can fill the entire aquarium with water and have a safe basking area.

(I had a store bought floating dock and it worked great but I think an over the tank dock is much better)

here’s a few pics from the making of.
The acrylic cement and silicone are still curing so it’s not ready yet. I have to clean it, remove the remaining protective paper from the acrylic and heum… I think I’ll add some fake outdoor-grass-carpet thing on it so the bottom is not clear. It will create a more -zen garden- look.

I’ll post pictures of the finished product once I’m all done and it’s “installed” on the tank.

I have to thank Joey Mullen fromĀ diyfishkeepers.com for his numerous tutorials.
If you are interested in aquariums, filtration and DIY stuff. I highly recommend his youtube channel.

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  1. Using PVC pipe as a frame for a turtle dock allows you to be creative with your design and customize a frame that fits your tank perfectly. The only firm requirements are that the final design has a platform or ramp below water level to allow access for the turtle and a flat basking area above the water level. With this design, these requirements are achieved by creating a raised basking area that the turtle can climb onto. Note that you can glue basking area materials such as ceramic tile and cork bark to the frame using a silicon-based aquarium adhesive , if desired, but this may make the unit more difficult to disassemble for cleaning.

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