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Puddle shaped like the Batman logo!


I took this pic a couple years ago in some hospital’s parking lot. (I was just walking by). The funny thing about this is, (believe me or not) a friend and I spent that entire evening looking for a place where we could rent every batman movies.

The Dark night was about to come out in theaters and we wanted to do a “batman’s movie day” if you will before seeing the new one.
We went to Walmart, different Video stores and I subscribed to a few “dvd-o-matic” thingies (dvd-machine dispenser?) , and couldn’t find any of them.

When we were getting back, we saw this puddle teasing us. We ended up seeing the Dark Night without having our little batman day. ..oh well..

I know the story sucks. it’s a boring post but I’m still doing tests and I wanted to see how pictures show up in my posts / options I have for them etc. so here you go.